Trustee Networking Event - why?

When? Wednesday 23rd October, from 17:30 until around 19:00

Where? Cake ‘Ole in Centenary Square, Bradford.

What? Your opportunity to meet informally with people from local businesses/organisations who are interested in becoming trustees. Complementary Afternoon High Tea will be provided to all participants (Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements).

You just need to turn up and talk about your charity with other interested individuals.

Would you be able to give up some time for a local charity or organisation that cares about the same things that you do? This ‘speed dating’ style event is a chance for community groups and potential trustees to meet informally (over cake and tea!) and discover how they can work together.

To Book a place for your organisation email

Please note that places are limited to one per VCS organisation. If you do not secure a place at this event then we will hold your details for future Trustee Networking Events.

We thank the Transformation Programme of Bradford Council for supplying the funds to support this event.

So, what does a Trustee do?

Trustees have overall responsibility for how a charity or organisation is run and oversees and guides its work. Trustees can make decisions that affect and improve people’s lives in their community. Charities and organisations will have their own guidelines that Trustees support and enhance.

For more information see

Why become a trustee

You may believe in the organisations values and want to contribute to your community, or have in depth knowledge of the area that the organisation serves. Perhaps you have skills that will really boost a group, such as technical know-how in management, finance or Law, or have great people skills that will help in problem solving and encourage teamwork.

What other trustees say -from the Guardian ‘20 reasons to be a Charity Trustee’

  • “To be part of a cause, a movement”

  • “To support a cause I believe in, helping people to bring about positive futures”

  • “I use my finance skills for a local charity. Great to give something back”

  • “Everyone has Value. Everyone has the Potential to give back. That's why i am a trustee”

Did you know?

There are just over 1 million trustees in the UK and just over half are women (Gov.Uk research 2017)

According to the UK Civil Society Almanac, the top reasons that people volunteer are, ‘I wanted to improve things or help people’ (49%) and ‘the cause was really important to me’ (32%).

It is Trustee's week from the 4th to 8th November 2019 so get involved!

What the charities and community organisations say

According to the Small Charities Coalition, Trusteeship is one of the most important roles in the voluntary sector. Trustees give direction to a charity and are ultimately responsible for its activities. There are lots of small charities working for diverse causes who could really benefit from the time and skills you could offer them as a trustee.

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