Our Partners

Community Action are proud members of Bradford District Infrastructure Partnership (BDIP), this is a network of independent charities, working together to coordinate support to Voluntary and Community groups in the Bradford District. 

This network consists of Community Action Bradford & District, Volunteering Bradford, and CNet. People Can are also involved. Visit their websites or read about what they do below: 

an open invitation to everyone in our communities, neighbourhoods, villages and towns to work together and discover how we can make a difference to our lives and the places we live.

It is a: 

  • community of people finding new ways to Work Together;

  • shared approach to solving problems and meeting needs;

  • hared set of tools and resources to get things done;

Working Together...

People Can make a difference.  

Our approach is made up of four connected ideas:

  • A belief that we can make a positive difference to ourselves and our communities

  • A willingness to develop shared understanding

  • Creating spaces where everyone is equally part of the solution

  • Sharing our skills, stuff and space 

As Individuals...

the most powerful tool we have at our disposal is the belief that:

  • we can change the situation

  • we can be the difference

 The most powerful tools we have working together are:

  • our willingness to listen and hear one another’s stories

  • Bringing together viewpoints to create good outcomes.  

  • Sharing skills, stuff, spaces to to make a difference. 

Volunteer Centre Bradford

CNet Bradford

The Volunteer Centres in Bradford and Keighley work to promote volunteering and to support local voluntary and community organisations across the district.

The Volunteer Centre is a good place to start looking for volunteering opportunities locally. They support people to identify volunteer roles that suit their skills and experience and match them with potential roles with Voluntary and Community Organisations and other not-for-profits, to support the crucial work they do. If you can spare an hour a month or more, then get in touch and see if you can volunteer your time or skills to help one of these organisations.

They also provide infrastructure support to any group that needs help to recruit volunteers, they share experience, supporting role development and good practice. 

Contact them below - 

Perkin House, 82 Grattan Road, Bradford, BD1 2LU

Telephone 01274 725434 or 01274 720779

CNet work to ensure that views of voluntary and community groups and active citizens are heard on the key decision-making partnerships.

They do this by supporting and developing networks of groups and people and by acting as a bridge between communities and service providers. Through network development, forum support, training, capacity building and community development work they enable people to get involved and to influence how services are developed and run in their area.

Contact them below -  

114-116 Manningham Lane, Bradford, BD8 7JF

Telephone: 01274 305045

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