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helping our children in the Bradford District keep warm this winter

As a result of lockdown, 75,000 children in our district are currently at home all day, every day at a time of year when temperatures have reached -4 degrees.

At least 21,000 children in our district live in homes where the pressures of the pandemic mean that families are struggling to afford to heat their homes for this extra time.

Please note: due to children returning to school, the Fund will close to new applications from 5pm on Monday 8th March 2021

No Child Cold has been set up by Bradford partners to make sure that no child in the Bradford District is left in the cold this winter as a result of lockdown.


This scheme is raising funds from the kindness and generosity of businesses, organisations and individuals across the district. This money will be used to give small grants to our district’s families who have higher fuel bills because children are at home instead of at school, and who might not otherwise be able to pay their fuel bill.


You can support this project quickly and simply through our Give Bradford page, and help children in need across our district keep warm during this lockdown.  Even just a couple of pounds will help, or give more if you can.


Please join the many business, organisations, faith groups and individuals who have already pledged to support No Child Cold.

You can also apply for help from the scheme if you need it, and find out about other support that is available.

About us

No Child Cold is a Bradford District partnership which includes:

Almost a year after the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, many families in our district find themselves in increasingly difficult circumstances. The pandemic has compounded hardship in many ways, and as winter 2021 bites, we know that many families will struggle to afford their fuel bills, especially when they find themselves at home much more than usual.

As our districts’ children sit down at home to access remote learning, we want to make sure no child is unable to learn, because they are simply too cold.

Our vision is to make sure no child slips through the gaps and is left feeling more of the winter chill than is safe for them.

We would like to thank all the businesses, organisations, faith groups and individuals who have already donated or made a pledge. You are amazing.

Please support this campaign if you can. Together we can make a difference.

Give Bradford

The partnership’s charitable administration is being managed by GiveBradford, which is part of the Leeds Community Foundation, registered charity number 1096892.

Initially donations given will go to organisations supporting people experiencing fuel poverty to help them access support and pay their bills, but this focus may change over time to make sure the money you give is going to where it can make the most difference in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

GiveBradford's own income is being significantly affected by the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. To make sure they can run the Fund effectively, maintain strong governance, and exist into the future, they will retain 5% of the net amount of new gifts to the Fund as a contribution to these costs.

If your gift is eligible, this contribution will come from the Gift Aid they claim. In recognition of the scale of the crisis, this is significantly less than the contribution they normally retain from funds. The contribution is something they will keep under review as the outbreak and work in response progresses.

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