Community Transport

Following the Covid-19 shutdown, the Community Transport scheme has now come to an end with Community Action. We were unable to continue to operate this service during the pandemic and had to give our buses the SORN treatment. During this time, we also found the perfect provider for our Day Opportunities service - Abbeyfield The Dales, this led to our decision to donate the accessible minibuses too!


If you would like to hire a minibus for a community purpose, you can find similar not-for-profit options with Keighley Community Transport, or Ilkley Community Transport

What happened to the buses?

We donated our buses to other non-profit charities, for FREE! Two of these were Abbeyfield The Dales who use the bus for their day opportunities, and Project 6 who converted the bus into a mobile intervention unit. 

Minibus handover for Abbeyfield The Dales
Minibus handover to Project 6